Give yourself the gift of a lifetime. For the price of a designer purse.


Depending on a patient's age and AMH test results, a patient may need anywhere from 1 to 3 cycles to recruit enough eggs to get pregnant in the future. In general, a woman needs 8 - 20 eggs for each pregnancy she desires to have.

One cycle of egg freezing is priced at $8,900. A package of two cycles is $15,000. This does not include the long term storage which is generally done at off-site locations.

For out of town patients within the continental United States, we can initiate and monitor most of your treatment cycle from wherever you are. For the retrieval and freezing of your eggs, you would need to visit sunny Miami for two days. This travel is INCLUDED in the price of your cycle, with very few restrictions*.

Payment Plans

We work with several outside financing companies. And of course accept all credit cards. Most patients can also use their FSA and HSA accounts.

Our partner, Conceptions Florida, also has a large number of older patients who are searching for egg donors. These patients will pay for egg freezing for women who are willing to donate some of their eggs. Please call us for more information on this option.

* Flight and two nights hotel stay are included in the price of your treatment up to $750. Conceptions Florida has partnered with 4 and 5 star hotels in downtown Coral Gables to ensure your stay is comfortable and convenient. All travel and accommodations are coordinated through our office based on the timing of your treatment and availability of flights and lodging. No travel or treatment will be completed on major holidays.