Eggs have no natural protection from the environment. So we chose the next best thing to your own body: Conceptions Florida.

Egg-Q has partnered with Conceptions Florida, in Coral Gables, Florida. We chose this lab because of their cutting edge technology, which assures that your frozen eggs will be there when you need them. We also love their boutique-like service. The lab is centrally located in Miami at Merrick Park. They have convenient parking and offer extended hours for Egg-Q patients.

Conceptions' lab features the LifeAire system. This special filtration system circulates clean-room quality air through all the procedure rooms and the lab. Conceptions Florida is the only lab in Florida to have the LifeAire system. This proprietary air filtration system took years to develop and eliminates nearly all contaminants, including the anthrax spore, the most difficult known pathogen to kill. An analysis of 1245 IVF cycles with women of all ages showed a huge increase in success rates by using the LifeAire system. Ongoing pregnancy rates increased from from 36% to 51%. And the pregnancy loss (miscarriage) rate decreased from 36% to 24%. You can read all the LifeAire statistics here. What this means is your eggs will have a greater chance of leading to a successful pregnancy when you are ready to use them.

The lab also features special ceiling and floor materials that guard against contamination and a special epoxy paint with no VOCs. The pass through windows between the procedure room and the embryology lab are heated. This assures that the temperature is well controlled from the moment the eggs are retrieved and passed to the lab.

The lab has a powerful back up generator that is connected directly to natural gas lines in order to operate the entire lab indefinitely should there be a natural disaster or other power failure.

Conceptions Florida also offers Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening and Diagnosis (PGS and PGD) and . For older patients or patients with a family history that predisposes you to genetic abnormalities, such as Jewish people of Ashkenazi decent, PGD is recommended. In some instances, PGD is offered for family balancing (sex selection). PGS is also offered to women of all ages who decide that they would like to take this additional step to screen for chromosomal abnormalities.

It is estimated that a woman must freeze 10 - 20 eggs in order to have a successful pregnancy. We are confident that Conceptions Florida will give our Egg-Q patients the best chances of freezing the most eggs and successfully using them later when they are ready to have a child.

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Data shows that the LifeAire system improves pregnancy rates by 20% and decreases miscarriage rates. Conceptions Florida is the only lab in Florida and one of only a handful in the entire country to have LifeAire.